[CLOSED] Call for Candidates: Incoming School Project 2020 in Germany

Project Date: 8th September – 7th October 2020
Project Location: Cologne, Germany
Application deadline: 4th May 2020

About Incoming School Project 2020

Every year, SCI Germany invites 10 volunteers from countries in Africa, Asia, South America, and the Middle East to so-called “Incoming School Project”. 5 volunteers from Germany will also take part in the project. This year the topic of the school project is: “Ideas How to Create a Just Future for All”.

The current crisis of the pandemic COVID-19 has been alarming us all globally. The virus as a threat to health itself and the actions taken by our governments in order to avoid the spreading of the virus are highlighting social and global injustice. There is no access to healthcare, precarious working conditions, limited civil liberties, etc. These are a few examples of injustices mentioned above. From there we came up with questions: How can we create a just future for all? How do we want to live? How can we protect our environment? Etc.

This school project is a training seminar and school workshop to share volunteer’s wishes for the future and develop ideas on how to create a just future for everyone on the globe. Also, it is about volunteers’ experience, which aims to give them an understanding of youth work in Germany. Additionally, volunteers will learn and be exposed to intercultural learning during the project. There will be experience exchange of lifestyles, how electricity is generated in volunteers ‘ countries, and if/how they and their communities are affected by climate change. GREAT is to recruit one female or one male volunteer as a candidate, to have further selection process with SCI Germany

Objectives of the training:

1. To promote a dialogue between people from different regions in the world and break down prejudices and stereotypes.
2. To offer a platform for volunteers from the “Global South” to make their views and perspectives visible in Germany.
3. To deepen the mutual knowledge and understanding of our organizations.
4. To evaluate and improve our cooperation.

Venue & Time:

Duration: 1 month
Venue: Cologne, Germany
Date: 8 September – 7 October 2020


1. GREAT member (if you are not a GREAT member, you can register yourself as a member here).
2. Age 18+
3. Have a passport ready and valid in March 2021 or later. Please note: applicants without submitting a copy passport will not be considered.
4. High motivation and interest on the topic.
5. High interest in taking part actively during workshops and teaching in front of a class.
6. Fluent in spoken and written English is preferable.
7. Open-minded, good teamwork, respect others, and willing to learn something new.
8. Commitment to do the assignment plan, from the pre-during-post project.

Financial Conditions:

SCI has applied for travel cost funding which does not cover the entire travel costs. That is why every volunteer has to pay a contribution of 230€.
Accommodation and food will be provided.
The volunteer will also be insured according to the SCI insurance scheme, insurance that will give full coverage in case of accident or disease.
Visa costs and small pocket money for possible personal expenses have to be covered by the volunteer.

The program does NOT cover:

1. Passport fee
2. Insurance cost
3. Visa cost
4. Personal medications.
5. Personal expenses.
6. Guarantee fee (GREAT will refund this to volunteers after they complete the project, submit a report and finish all assignments on time)
7. Organizational support fee (for GREAT to support non-funded activities which are not related to any funded program; e.g organizational events, international networking, and promotional tools development)

Terms and Conditions:

1. The activity will be conducted entirely in English.
2. Selected candidates must pay:

Guarantee fee IDR 2.000.000 to GREAT
Organizational Support fee IDR 2.000.000 to GREAT

3. The deadline for payment of Guarantee Fee is 10th June 2020 and the Organizational Support Fee is 15th August 2020.
4. Selected candidates are ready to do pre, during, and post assignments of the project that supports GREAT activities.
5. Selected candidates agree to sign a legal agreement with GREAT carrying pre-during-post assignment of the project.
6. Fully attend the Pre Departure Training series with GREAT including 2 days physical meeting training in Salatiga on 24th-25th August 2020.
7. The applicants must send the following documents:

Assignment Plans with GREAT (download here)
Application form for the program (download here)
 A copy passport (please note: we do not consider applications without sending a copy of passport)

8. Submit the following documents to [email protected] with the subject: ISP_Germany2020_full name. Example: ISP_Germany2020_Marni Ningsih
9. Deadline of application: 4th of May 2020, 23.59 WIB/UTC+7

The Assignments (related to point 5 above):



Pre-Departure Training in Salatiga 24th-25th of August 2020

During the project

 Send pictures and videos of departure and during projects regularly to the GREAT staff
 Post, tag and mention GREAT social media when posting documentation related to this project
 Communicate regularly with GREAT staff during the project

Post project

 Submit a report of participation at the latest 3 working days after arrival at Indonesia


 Join one international or bilateral work camp as a participant
 Join one international or bilateral work camp as camp leader between January-July 2021, including must join Training for Camp Leader
Support the promotional activities offline with GREAT staffs October-December 2020
Support the promotional activities online with GREAT October-December 2020
 Be active in at least 5 months in a row of local volunteering activities in their closest GO Cities in Indonesia after Germany between October 2020 – February 2021

Special Note:
Please be aware that due to the current situation of the pandemic COVID-19 it could happen that the hosting organization has to cancel or postpone the program. We will inform you directly about such changes in plans when there is any.
GREAT will only contact short-listed candidates for interview selection on the 6th-7th of May 2020.

Further info

Gandies Puspitarani
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +62 821 3756 3315

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