[CLOSED] Call for 10 Candidates: Virtual Workcamp Glocal Hero Action

Project Date: August 2020
Project Location: Virtual
Application deadline: 8th July 2020

About Glocal Hero Action

The global situation this year has caused a huge impact on the whole International Volunteer Service (IVS) movement. With the global trend of conducting global interactions virtually, VolTra upgrade the flagship program “Glocal Hero Action” to an international level and invite volunteers around the world to join this international action.

Let’s take this special year, the COVID-19 pandemic and 100-years anniversary of the IVS movement, to stand together and find new ways to understand each other’s situation and needs globally. Participants in this program will be teaming up with international groupmates via a mobile application “Glocal Hero Action” developed by VolTra. Within 14 days, we are going to become a digital changemaker!

Combined with the virtual intercultural boot camp and online mission challenges by a mobile platform developed by VolTra, participants would have the chance to team-up with international teammates and explore the cultures, values, and social issues around the globe.

Objectives of the training:

1. To facilitate personal growth, global exposure, and social awareness.
2. To interact with international participants and preparing the “Online International Festival” together to share situations in different countries.
3. To access to the missions and conduct different challenges in anywhere and any time-zone.
4. To team-up with participants from diverse nationalities.
5. To record and review one’s experience throughout the whole journey.

Venue & Time:

Duration: 14 days
Venue: Virtual
Date: August 2020


1. GREAT member (if you are not a GREAT member, you can register yourself as a member here).
2. Age 18-29 years old.
3. Available to attend all events in the program (kick-off session, intercultural boot camps and mission challenges).
4. High motivation and interest on the topic.
5. Able to communicate in English
6. Equip with a smartphone, laptop/computer, and stable internet access
7. Open-minded, good teamwork, respect others, and willing to learn something new.

Financial Conditions:

 Applicants will pay a guarantee fee to GREAT, which will be returned to participants when completed all events of the Glocal Hero Action program. Guarantee fee to be paid is IDR 500.000,-
 At the end of the program, VolTra will invite participants to meet each other in a workcamp in Hong Kong when travel is possible. VolTra will provide travel allowance to the participants who show the best participation and motivation during the Glocal Hero Action. The amount of allowance is yet to be announced.
 The selected candidates to participate work camp in Hongkong will also be provided a fully covered meal and accommodation during the project.

The program does NOT cover:

1. Virtual equipment (smartphone, laptop/computer, internet access), applicants will have to provide it.
2. Visa cost, insurance cost, and small pocket money for possible personal expenses must be covered by the volunteer if they participate in work camp in Hongkong.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The activity will be conducted entirely in English.
2. The guarantee fee to join Glocal Hero Action is to be paid to GREAT at the latest 20th of July 2020.
3. The applicants must fill out an Online Application form here.
4. For GREAT volunteers who are selected to join the work camp in Hongkong, they will have to pay additional fees:

⇒ Guarantee Fee: IDR 500.000
⇒ Organizational Support Fee: IDR 500.000

5. Deadline of application: 8th of July 2020

Program Details:

Stage 1: Online Kick-off Session (First week of August)

● Kick-off event of the whole program, a chance for participants to build networks and team-up with participants from various backgrounds.
● Introduce about details of the program and tips for “winning” the mission challenge.
● Groom participants’ curiosity towards people and issues around the world.

Stage 2: Intercultural Bootcamp (I)

● A flagship event of this programme for participants to interact with other cultures and social issues.
● Session 1 (Beginning of the program): A well-designed program to explore culture and situation in different countries and ways reduce the friction of meeting new international friends.

Stage 3: Glocal Mission Challenge

● Conduct missions anywhere in the world and share the results with others through the mobile platform developed by VolTra.
● Complete some tasks individually at your own pace and some tasks with the teammates from different countries.
● Interaction missions designed to groom participants’ personal growth, global exposure, and social awareness. Some examples of the mission:

– Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Action: List-out actions that you could do to support the SDGs development and try to enact it in the next day!
– Global Kitchen: Share the recipes of traditional food from your hometown and invite a teammate in another country to cook it.
– International Happy news: Share some positive news from your hometown to cheer-up people in different countries.
– Cross-counties Social Forum: Select one social issue (e.g. poverty/ recycle) and share with your teammate about what would people do in our hometown about that issue.

Stage 4: Intercultural Bootcamp (II) – Virtual International Festival

● Session 2 (End of the program): International Cultural Night! Participants will share the special culture and social issues in their hometown. This session would be opened to people from all around the world to get a better understanding of the international situation and social issues around the world.

Further info

Gandies Puspitarani
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +62 821 3756 3315

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