GREAT members are people who are interested and motivated to join us and contribute to our organization with its program and/or project activities. They are registered as GREAT members for one year per registration period and are voluntarily willing to contribute more into our activities. Such contributions can be conducted either in Indonesia or other countries. GREAT members involvement are also recorded to show each member’s improvement which give them clearer direction to what next steps to reach in terms of voluntary service, as well as in their life when out of the service. Members will not only receive advises but also an advance information to our best projects and programs.

GREAT Volunteers are those who are interested and motivated to join in GREAT project but they are not formally registered as members. Volunteers are only active during project activity and they do not posses privileges as members have. GREAT do not keep their records for the lack of involvement sustainability.

Members can help promote GREAT and the activities to the people around them, give idea for GREAT projects, etc. They can join activities such as: foreign language free class, members gathering, capacity building, trainings and so on.

To have a recorded track in order to widen the opportunity in international voluntary service field, members can also dedicate their times by contributing as:

1. Camp leader in work camps of GREAT STV projects.
2. Peer Volunteers for international volunteers of GREAT LMTV projects.
3. Coordinator of one GO Cities.
4. Coordinator of events or campaign.
5. Preparation Team in any of GREAT events.
6. Trainer or facilitator in GREAT trainings and evaluation event.

Some members who reside abroad can also still contribute to the organization to:
1. Promote GREAT in international level.
2. Visit sending organizations in your country and introduce GREAT activities
3. Give us ideas for projects.
4. Be online volunteers by call.

You are eligible if you:

1. Minimum 18 years old (GREAT makes an exception to accept member under 18 years old with a letter of Parent Consent)
2. Indonesian citizen or foreign citizen holding KITAS (proven by sending the copy of valid ID)
3. Possessing backgrounds that can contribute to GREAT projects and programs.
4. Have strong interests in learning and doing IVS, with or without past IVS experiences.
5. Have the commitment to carry out activities, with and within GREAT coordination.
6. Filling Membership Application Form
7. Contribute an annual membership fee for IDR 50,000 valid for 1 year.

Annual Membership fee can be paid upon training arrival or bank transfer to:
Bank BNI
Account number: 0418090901
Account holder: Perkumpulan Gerakan Kerelawanan Internasional

Training for New Members (TNM) is a program conducted by GREAT with the aim to introduce the organization and its programs. TNM allows the new members to gain better understanding and insight about International Voluntary Service (IVS) and GREAT activities especially during 2016. The event also assists members to decide how you can participate, in what role and which field of voluntary works best suited for you to join.

Even though members are not obliged to join this training, but if you want to get a maximum beneficial impact for the growth of your interpersonal skills, organization management, communication, leadership and many other set of skills, TNM is a must to participate.

Training Conditions: 

  • TNM is done once a year in each of GREAT local volunteer communities (GO Cities)
  • Training is free of charge.
  • Participants will bear their own transport to and from the training venue.
  • Seats are limited, application for TNM are closed as soon as the maximum number is reached