GREAT Camp Leaders are the persons in charge in a work camp cycle, started from pre, during and post work camp implementation. However, a camp leader will not manage a work camp individually but will be mostly paired with another fellow camp leader to ensure together that the project runs successfully. Therefore, it is important that GREAT Camp Leaders are ready to carry out a good coordination and communication with all parties involved in the project.

GREAT Camp Leaders must join a preparation training that enables them to get the idea of what a work camp is and to gain more knowledge and skills needed to run a work camp cycle properly.

Next, they will be deployed in GREAT work camp activities to perform duties as camp leaders, which will take place on two different work camp seasons each year, Winter-Spring Work Camps and Summer Work Camps. GREAT Camp Leaders may also be deployed to lead work camps abroad with GREAT international organization partners.

Currently, we have GREAT members who are experienced in managing work camps, with specific range of work camp leading expertise such as in environment, world heritage, non formal education, children, culture, etc.

Should you are interested in becoming a GREAT camp leader, we will announce camp leader vacancy in the near future. Keep yourself informed by following our social media and this blog.

Leadership Opportunity
For GREAT Camp Leaders in Summer Work Camps 2017

Summer season is coming, it means the work camps are about to start! GREAT is calling for GREAT Camp Leaders to lead the summer work camps. For you who have joined GREAT Training Camp Leader on 2016 and led at least one work camp in the last 1 year are welcome to be camp leader again. GREAT needs your hands to support the new camp leader in leading the summer work camps. With your experience and skill of leading work camp, you are expected to have a good team work with the new camp leaders.

Through this opportunity we expect the GREAT Camp Leaders will be available to lead summer workcamps. GREAT will make a pair of campleader consist of one experienced campleader and one new campleader.

The Summer International Workcamps:
Please check on international work camp 2017’s list here

The Summer Bilateral Workcamps:
Please check on bilateral work camp 2017’s list here


  1. GREAT active member
  2. Joined GREAT Training Camp Leader 2016
  3. Have ever led 1 workcamp in the last 1 year
  4. Able to work in pair, team, and individual
  5. Fluent in spoken and written English is preferable
  6. Good leadership skill, public speaking skill, and conflict management.
  7. Have self integrity and self disciplined
  8. Available for Summer Season work camps
  9. Have time to update work camp organization 2017

How to Apply
Fill the offline form here and send it to [email protected] and send a CC to [email protected], with subject “SUMMER WORKCAMP CAMPLEADER”
Application deadline : Wednesday, 31 May 2017 at 15:00 WIB (West Indonesian Time Zone).

Please be noted that all of applicants will be contacted for further interview.
Contact Info:
Mr. Yayat at +62 812 2928 667 / Email: [email protected]
Mr. Ben Pramudya at +62 856 4007 9633 (WA) / +62 813 1803 6960 (call & SMS) / Email: [email protected]