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No. Project Name
(click to download description)
Location Date Type
Participation Fee
 1.  Sanan B1 Hwaseong, Korea 15 September – 04 December 2020  AGRI, CULT 200 Euro
2.  CIEEJ 2003
 Hiroshima, Jepang  17 August – 28 August 2020 EDU, KIDS Free
 3. CIEEJ 2004
 Shiga, Japan  17 August – 31 August 2020 KIDS, DISA   Free
4. SVI-ACA Elne/Argeles, France Every Month EDU, SOCI, MANU Free

Agri : Agriculture
Cult : Culture
Edu : Education
Manu : Manufacture
Heri : Heritage
Cons : Construction
Reno : Renovation
Envi : Environment
Soci : Social
Lang : Languange

This hot list of outgoing program is selected and updated by our Outgoing Staff following updates from our international partners listed as CCIVS members and SCI partners. Should you not meet your interest or preference of voluntary services on the hot list above, do your own search through the work camp search engine of SCI or directly consult to our staff by email to [email protected].

How To Participate

  1. Check your eligibility to join Outgoing Regular Program here
  2. Decide which volunteering program you want to participate in. Make your decision based on your availability of time, duration, location and field of interest
  3. Download and Fill Outgoing Reguler Application Form here
  4. Send it to our Outgoing Staff by email to [email protected]
  5. Consult with our staff if you have any questions or such in the same email
  6. We will assist you step by step from there
  7. Follow Outgoing Great on Instagram to get updates related to the upcoming outgoing projects

Note : GREAT does NOT cover for passport, flight, insurance, OSF and visa if needed
Organization Support Fee (OSF) : IDR 2.000.000 for each FREE project 

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