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Eric Zulkarnaen

Eric was born and raised in Pekalongan, Indonesia. He started joining IVS in 2008 when German “Weltwaert” volunteering program took place in Pekalongan. In 2015, together with other IVS activists, Eric founded GREAT and has been dedicating himself as a member of the Advisory Board.

For Eric, visiting a completely new place can be fun. It is living there, especially in a different continent, that is quite tricky. He had to face a set of brand new challenges – dealing with new cultures, languages, weather, local wisdom, rules, and many others. However, IVS has helped him to change the way he perceived life and to finally conquer the obstacles he found in the foreign land.

Eric believes that happiness does not depend on how much material belongings we own in life. Instead, happiness is about our journey in comprehending about life. Therefore, regardless of where we live, as long as we can create peace within ourselves, we can thus be happy.

Since 2014, Eric lives in Germany with his family. Having started a career in gastronomy, he remains working in an international and multicultural atmosphere. Considering his experience in stepping out of his home country and mingling with people from different background and nationalities, Eric aspires to teach his children to become respectful and open-minded towards different cultures.



Hanif had a chance to join his first workcamp in 2009 and got involved in more IVS activities since then. In IVS, he found ways to improve his personality as well as his local situation. Subsequent to joining IVS, he believes that he becomes more aware of the needs of his local area’s improvement, as well as to become a part of the change.

Through IVS, Hanif has met many wonderful people with different cultural and educational background who taught him to better understand diversity. By interacting with people of different background, Hanif’s communication skills improved. These skills are necessary for his career development as he now works as an entrepreneur in his hometown, Tegal.

Amelia Dita and Amelia Gita

Dita was born 26 years ago in Wonosobo, Central Java. Her first workcamp experience was Weekend Workcamp in Pekalongan in 2011. Since then, she committed her time to be IVS Volunteer. She has led four workcamps in Indonesia and participated in three workcamps in Vietnam, Belgium, and Germany. She believed that IVS is one of the ways to foster peace and understanding between peoples and nations through the mutual exchange of volunteers. With a passion for IVS, Dita chooses a career in social works. Currently, she is an educator for female sex workers in Semarang to prevent HIV/AIDS in an NGO in Central Java.

As passionate with IVS as her twin sister Dita, Gita also found an eye-opening experience through Pekalongan Weekend Workcamp back in 2011. Since then, she is an active volunteer in IVS and has been leading various workcamps both in Indonesia and India. For Gita, IVS is an effective place to learn about project management. She believes that equality must be upheld in every aspect of project management. Inspired by the IVS movement, Gita is now starting her career in global humanitarian aid agency based in Jakarta.


Nur Khairiyah

“Experience is the best teacher”. This proverb made Nur interested in IVS. She was born in a small village called Blitar, East Java. This sweet girl has been involved in IVS activity since 2012. It started with international workcamp at an orphanage in Semarang. She believes that through IVS, she could train her skill in the social environment.

Through IVS, she could reach her dreams to become a professional teacher. The reason is that IVS trained her with hands-on experiences in public speaking, lesson planning, NFL and participative methods in teaching, interacting with children, English speaking, and so on. She likes children and she wants to give a meaningful contribution to education. Being a volunteer in education is the activity that she likes the most.



Rahmat HM

Linkedin: Rahmat HM  |  Email: [email protected]

Hailed from a small town in Pangkep, South Sulawesi, Rahmat started his journey in IVS when he took part in Prambanan World Heritage Work Camp in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, back in 2008. Since then, he fell in love with the concept of IVS and continued participating in another workcamp and IVS project afterwards.His experiences in IVS really brings a positive impact for him as an individual and benefits his professional life. Not only does it make him more open minded, but it also gives him an international linkage and leadership opportunity. Even it influences his career option at the moment as a social worker for his own social entreprise. Through IVS, he learns that creating a global peace and friendship is something possible to achieve. Rahmat HM is also founder of The Floating School and Pangkep Initiative – South Sulawesi.


Mamum Setiono a.k.a Mamum Otonoites

Mamum is an entrepreneur in the field of animal farming in his hometown, Tegal Central Java. He found out about IVS when he became an international workcamp participant in Mangkang in 2010.

Mamum believes that peace within diversity should be upheld since diversity is someone’s unique characteristic. Joining IVS is a perfect opportunity for him to learn about different culture, to expand his friendship circle, as well as to promote peace with people from different nationalities and cultures.