GREAT has accommodated six communities of local volunteers, nationally named as GO Cities. They are the group of our local volunteers who initiate some social works in each area and maintain the development of the program and projects locally.

It is hoped that GO Cities also help its members to channel their emphaty, creativity, talent, skills and even their expertise through the programs and projects created locally. Moreover, what they have started eventually will give the benefits not only to those who are the target group and local partners, but also to the GREAT members themselves as a capacity building.

Through patience and persistence, active GREAT members in GO Cities are able to sustain their projects to date. Therefore, GREAT members in Non-GO Cities are strongly encouraged to follow the path already undertaken by its GO Cities counterpart. That is, to spread the spirit and vision of GREAT Indonesia by diffusing continuous innovative, creative, and empowering programs for the locals.

Members of Non-GO Cities could refer to the below guideline when initiating the formation of a new GO City.

To learn more about GO Cities, follow their activities and existing projects in Bandung, TulungagungSalatigaSemarangYogyakarta, and Pekalongan.