GREAT Peer Volunteers (PV) are our active members who are locals. PV are to assist, to facilitate and to peer the Long-Middle Term Volunteers who are foreigners. The assistance, facilitation and peer function as exchange counter part for the LMTV to further know and adjust themselves into local culture and into their project activities. While for PV this role gives them chance to have counterpart in discovering new and creative ways with LMTV in order to run the project activities in collaboration with local partners in peer level.

The role of PVs is also wished to give impact for all LMTVs to have an easier adjustment to the new culture, new country with different language, way of life and way of thinking and to place themselves properly in the activity place for their project in Indonesia.

Reciprocally for PVs, peering LMTVs is wished to give them chance to have global intercultural learning and exchanges, to practice their Englisha or any other foreign langugas skills, enhance personal networking and global perspective of the world.

PVs are deployed based on their project site interests and will work as PV whenever there will be LMTV assigned on that project sites.

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