[CANCELED] Basic Training 2020 [Free for GREAT Members]

The training schedule may change based on the dynamic situation of Covid-19 case in Indonesia. Health protocol to prevent Covid-19 spread is applied in all events held by GREAT. Most GREAT events in March-April may be postponed or canceled. If you already registered for our events, we’ll be in contact with you to confirm any dynamic news.
Free training located at 6 Cities, choose your Basic Training:
Bandung: Semarang/Tulungagung/Pekalongan/Yogyakarta: TBC (to be confirmed)
Salatiga: 14th March
What is Basic Training

Basic Training 2020 is a program organized by GREAT that allows its members and new members to gain a better understanding and deeper insight about International Voluntary Service (IVS). Furthermore, it provides information about our membership system GREAT Journey. Also about GREAT activities in Indonesia and other countries, especially during 2020. Moreover, it can help members to decide how they can participate, in what role and which field of voluntary works best for them to join and to get involved.


To provide new members of GREAT with comprehensive information about the organizational foundation, activities, and GREAT membership system for the best interests of members.


1. To introduce the IVS movement concept to new members.
2. To deliver information about GREAT, membership system and GREAT Journey.
3. To provide members with basic knowledge of activities in GREAT.
4. To motivate members to get involve in GREAT activities in Indonesia.
5. To encourage members to be GREAT Outgoers.

Expected Outcome

1. Members comprehend the IVS movement concepts.
2. Members understand about GREAT, membership system and GREAT Journey.
3. Members to acknowledge GREAT activities.
4. Members will actively involve in GREAT activities in Indonesia.
5. Members will join the GREAT Outgoing Program.

Who Can Join

1. Member of GREAT by filling out online form Basic Training 2020 here.
2. Non Member who wishes to be a GREAT member by registering as a member before training. Therefore, click here to learn membership details and follow the online form link to register as a member.

Deadline of application

Salatiga: 11th March 2020
Bandung: 21st March (to be confirmed)
Semarang: TBC (to be confirmed)
Tulungagung: TBC (to be confirmed)
Pekalongan: TBC (to be confirmed)
Yogyakarta: TBC (to be confirmed)
OR as soon as seats are full.

Schedule of Basic Training 2020
Cities Date Time Venue Address
Salatiga Saturday, 14th March (done) 08.00-17.00 WIB  Al Qhosos, Salatiga Dk. Krajan, RT 08/02, Ds. Sugihan, Kec. Tengaran, Kab. Semarang
Bandung TBC (to be confirmed) 08.00-17.00 WIB Rumah Relawan GREAT Jl. Maribaya Cibodas, Ds. Suntenjaya, Batuloceng, RT 01 RW 09, Lembang, Bandung Barat
Semarang TBC (to be confirmed) 08.00-17.00 WIB to be confirmed to be confirmed
Tulungagung TBC (to be confirmed) 08.00-17.00 WIB to be confirmed to be confirmed
Pekalongan TBC (to be confirmed) 08.00-17.00 WIB to be confirmed to be confirmed
Yogyakarta TBC (to be confirmed) 08.00-17.00 WIB to be confirmed to be confirmed
Terms & Conditions:

1. Training is FREE of charge. Besides, we will cover snacks and stationery needed only during and for the training.
2. We try to be environmentally friendly, therefore for water to drink, it’s BYOB (bring your own bottle).
3. Participants will bear their own transport to and from the training venue.
4. We will close the application as soon it’s fully booked due to limited space.

Ask About Membership to:

Gandies Puspitarani: [email protected]

Training Coordinators:

Bandung: Mr. Radian  +62 857-7343-9008
Pekalongan: Mr. Ogieg +62 878-9963-3197
Semarang: Ms. Hani +62 822-2377-1748
Tulungagung: Ms. Silfi +62 856-4610-3017
Yogyakarta: Ms. Gangga +62 852-2834-3404



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