[CANCELED] Call for Candidates: Training Camp Leader IJGD 2020

Training Location: Germany
Project Duration: July – September 2020

Application Deadline: 4th March 2020


IJGD has been conducting many work camps throughout the year. Annually, the organization creates a good opportunity for people around the world to participate in the Training for Camp Leaders IJGD Annual Incoming Program 2020. The purpose of this program is to give active members of partner organizations from Africa, Asia and Latin America (AALA) the possibility to participate in IJGD work camp activities in Germany. Next, is to get an understanding of youth work in Germany. Secondly, to realize networking and, last but not least, to learn, be exposed to and enjoy the cultural exchange.

The selected participants will participate in this incoming program activities. The activities are a training seminar for work camp leaders, meeting with international volunteers, participating/leading international work camps in Germany, and an evaluation event. Furthermore, all these experiences are expected to be brought back and shared with their fellow volunteers in their home country. This training will take place in Berlin, Germany with a chance to travel around the nearby areas to conduct planned activities. It will start on July 1st– September 3rd, 2020. As the only partner of IJGD in Indonesia, GREAT is to call one female and one male volunteer candidates, to have further selection process with IJGD. Please visit the IJGD website for more information about the organization.

Volunteer Requirements:

1. An active member of GREAT (preferably with work camp leader experience)
2. Must be 20 – 26 years old, on 1st of July 2020
3. Holding valid passport, until at least 10th March 2021 or later (applications without a scan of the passport cannot be considered)
4. Committed to staying in Germany for 2 months
5. Active participation in all the activities of the program
6. Able to work in a team and share private spaces
7. Have an interest in work camp management
8. Being able to adapt to a different culture and environment
8. Speak and understand English, intermediate level
9. Commitment to writing an article/post after the project
10. Commitment to do the assignment plan, from pre-during-post project

The program will cover:

1. Visa Application Fees
2. Return flight ticket
3. Travel Insurance
4. Accommodation and meals
5. Pocket money
6. Camp fees

The program does NOT cover:

1. Passport fee
2. Personal medication
3. Personal expenses
4. Guarantee fee (GREAT will refund this to volunteers after they complete the project, submit a report and finish all assignments on time)
5. Organizational support fee (for GREAT to support non-funded activities which are not related to any funded program; e.g organizational events, international networking, and promotional tools development)

Terms and Conditions:

1. This program applies a reimbursement system for all fees paid before the arrival of training except the round flight ticket and accommodation and meals during the project.
2. The activity will be conducted in English.
3. Selected candidates must pay:

•  Guarantee fee IDR 2.000.000 to GREAT
•  Organizational Support fee IDR 2.000.000 to GREAT

4. The deadline for payment of Guarantee Fee is 13thof March 2020 and the Organizational Support Fee is 7th April 2020.
5. Selected candidates are ready to do pre, during and post assignments of the project that supports GREAT activities.
6. Selected candidates agree to sign a legal agreement with GREAT carrying pre-during-post assignment of the project.
7. Selected candidates must fully attend the Pre Departure Training at GREAT office in Salatiga (dates to be confirmed).

The Assignments (related to point 4 above):

Pre-project (choose two or more assignments in addition to the obligatory):

√ Support the promotional activities online with GREAT Staff
√ Support poster making of GREAT Activities promotion with GREAT Staff
 Support local volunteering activities in their closest GO Cities prior to departure day from April-June 2020. Check out the GO Cities here
√ Be a Campleader 1 GREAT workcamp in March – May 2020

During the project (all obligatory):

 Send pictures and videos of their departure and during projects regularly to the GREAT staff
 Post, tag and mention GREAT social media when posting documentation related to this project
 Communicate regularly with GREAT staff during the project

Post project (obligatory and optional):


√ Submit a report of participation at the latest 3 days after project
√ Join GREAT Basic Training as participants for those who never joined yet. Next Basic Training is March-April 2020
√ Join one international/bilateral work camp/English Camp as a participant between March – June 2020
√ Join Training for Camp Leaders with GREAT in April 2020 and be a camp leader for at least 1 GREAT work camp in Nov – Dec 2020 and 1 work camp in Feb – August 2021

Optional (choose at least 3 assignments in addition to the obligatory):

√ Join one international or bilateral work camp as a participant between April -June 2020
√ Support the promotional activities offline with GREAT staffs January – May 2020
√ Support the promotional activities online with GREAT staffs January – May 2020
 Be active in at least 4 months in a row of local volunteering activities in their closest GO Cities in Indonesia between September – December 2020.

Application Procedure
Now – 4th March 2020 at 23.59 PM WIB/GMT+7 The application is open.
Download and fill out these forms:

√ Application form here
√ Health Certificate here
√ Assignment plan table here

Send all by email together with a scan of your passport to [email protected]
 With Email Subject: TCL Germany_ Full Name

Please be noted: without a scan of the passport, your application WILL NOT be considered.

5th – 6th March 2020 Selection 1: Administration/Documents
7th March 2020 Announcement Result of Selection 1 and proceed to Selection 2 (Interview)

GREAT will contact only the shortlisted candidate for an interview.

10th March 2020 Selection 2: Interview session
11th March 2020 Announcement Result of Selection 2 and Pay Guarantee Fee (GF) IDR 2,000,000
11th – 13th March 2020 Payment of GF, with some conditions:
Only those who confirm GF will proceed to Final Selection
If the candidates are not accepted in final result, this GF will be refunded 100%.
If the selected candidates resign before final announcement, GF will be refunded 50%
If the selected candidates resign after final announcement, GF cannot be refunded.
If the selected candidates fail to attend PDT, GF will be refunded 25%
If the selected candidates fail to implement Pre Project Assignments, GF will be refunded 25%
If the selected candidates fail to implement During Project Assignments, GF will be refunded 25%
If the selected candidates fails to implement Post Project Assignments, GF will be refunded 25%
If the selected candidates fail all assignments, GF is not refunded.
GF refund case is subject to verification.
Verified GF Refund is at the latest 1 month after verification.
13th – 31st March 2020 Final Selection: 1 female and 1 male GREAT candidates will proceed to a final selection with the German hosting organization). Details of the Final selection method is to be confirmed.
2nd  April 2020   Final Announcement and Pay Organizational Support Fee (OSF) IDR. 2,000,000
2nd – 7th April 2020 or at the latest 5 days after the final result is announced Deadline for Payment OSF, with some conditions:
If the selected candidate is late in OSF payment, the GF refund is deducted 10% per each day.
If the selected candidates resign after the final announcement, the GF cannot be refunded.


Further info:

Ms. Metta Dian (PR Manager)
Email: [email protected]

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