Selection Result: Weltwärts Reverse Program Germany 2019-2020

As we received the final result from our international partner, IJGD, now we are pleased to announce the successful candidates who passed the selection process for Weltwärts Reverse Program Germany 2019-2020.

They are:

1. Lusia Piscarini Morena (GREAT of Bandung)
2. Arifah Aulia Lutfiyah (GREAT of Salatiga)
3. Emelda (GREAT of Tulungagung)
4. Syaiful Islam Ramadhan (GREAT of Semarang)
5. Mukhammad Hidayat Muttaqin (GREAT of Pekalongan)

Congratulations to the five names above. Please proceed to reach out to our staff by email to [email protected] for more details of and better preparation for your future voluntary service.

To the rest of applicants, we thank you! Please stay tuned and do not stop volunteering with us to maintain and improve your IVS record for a better chance in the future. See you soon in another opportunity!

About Weltwärts Reverse Program Germany 2019-2020

Weltwärts Reverse Program is volunteering program in Germany funded by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Also one German organization, IJGD, takes part in funding, hosting and sending volunteers. IJGD has been hosting and sending plenty of volunteers during the year and willing to support the program to its best. Visit IJGD website for more information about it.

This program lets the volunteer in Asia, Africa and Latin America to join a program in Germany for 12 months. This year GREAT is, again, becomes one of sending organizations to send eight (8) Indonesian candidates for this particular program. Therefore we open this call for Weltwärts Reverse Program – Weltwärts South-North Program GERMANY, 2019-2020.

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