Selection Result: TCL Germany 2019

As we have finished the selection process for Training for Camp Leaders in Germany or TCL Germany 2019, now we are proud to announce that the names below are our active volunteers who won the opportunity. They are:

1. Fajar Permana (GREAT of Bandung)
2. Nadira Tsamara Chesarani (GREAT of Bandung)

Congratulations to the two and we are waiting for future communication for preparation before your departure date. Please visit your inbox and see you soon!

Next, for the rest of our volunteer members who are keen on getting similar chance, we are looking forward to meeting up with you again. As always, do not stop volunteering!

Finally, to those who are not members yet and want to get this opportunity, register as GREAT member now, for we only offer such places to our members.

About the project

There are a lot of demands from around the world to conduct International Voluntary Service activity. One of the most wanted IVS program is work camps, wherein plenty useful activities can be done. A reason for one good work camp with good activities is certainly having a good camp leader. Therefore, a qualified camp leader is a very important element to a successful work camp.

IJGD has been conducting many work camps throughout the year. Annually, the organization creates a good opportunity for people around the world to participate in the Training for Camp Leaders IJGD Annual Program 2019. Additionally, the TCL aims to give active volunteer to get an understanding of youth work in Germany. Also, for the participants to learn and be exposed on the intercultural learning.

This training will take place in Berlin, Germany with a chance to travel around nearby area to conduct planned activities. It will start on June 19th – August 21st 2019. Hence, GREAT is to recruit one female and one male volunteer to have further selection process to IJGD. Please visit IJGD website for more information about the organization.

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