“Youth, Laugh and Loudly” A Work Camp in South Korea

Rizka, a student from Boyolali, Central Java, got elected by GREAT (Gerakan Kerelawanan Internasional) to join work camp “Youth, Laugh, Loudly” in the province of Gang Won, South Korea.

The work camp took place 13 days in August this year, at the Big Tree Community Children Center in Yeongwol County, South Korea.

Nearly 50 children, from age 7 to 16 years, were part of the camp. There were around 5 Korean and 12 non-Korean volunteers participated in the camp too.

The main aim of the work camp was to get to know each others‘ countries and traditions. Therefore, the camp had a fun part equal to the study part, where volunteers taught the children things about their home country. For example: habits, school system and cultural habits (volunteers cooked food from their home country).

During the fun part, they visited heritage places, played games and prepared performances for the farewell party. Also, conducted a mini Olympic program, which was one of the most fun things for Rizka. “It really helped to build up teamwork between the children and the volunteers. Because in my opinion the children got closer and more comfortable with us volunteers after the mini Olympic“, she said.

The work camp in South Korea has taught Rizka that the world is full of differences and thus, we should all respect and treat each other as equal.

In the future, she would like to join other work camps or volunteer projects either abroad or at home. She thinks that either one will open your eyes (mind) wider. Also, she added that nobody should be afraid to join a project on their own. Instead, they should take it as a challenge for themselves, to open mind and think that whatever they want to do, they can do it. Lastly, thank you, IWO Korea for hosting our volunteer!

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