Selection Result: EVS Youth in One World

Here we have the selection result EVS Youth in One World!

We are gladly announcing another successful candidate who won the opportunity to volunteer long term in Germany under the platform program EVS Youth in One World.

The successfully selected volunteer is Jagad Aji Wijoyo.

He will be volunteering for one year in Germany hosted by our international partner PeWoBe gGmbH in Frankfurt (Oder).

Thank you to all applicants who have submitted your decent applications and for showing your great motivation in the project. We are looking forward to seeing you again in different opportunity ahead.

About Youth in One World

“Youth in One World – Cooperation beyond Borders” is a project that will help young people and their organizations to develop sustainable community development projects. The participants will be coming from Germany, Netherlands, Malaysia and Indonesia. The cooperating organizations in this project are GREAT IndonesiaPeWoBe gGmbH in Frankfurt (Oder)SOLS 24/7 Malaysia, and Stichting Go Netherlands.

In addition, the chosen topic of this project is cooperation for development and sustainable development. Next, is about how young people can make a difference for development in their own community using entrepreneurship and their own initiative. Besides, the main focus lies on the young people themselves and their initiative. Also the project wants to support the validation and recognition of non-formal learning and education.

Furthermore, different activities will be implemented on local and international level during the project. It is to build the capacities of the organizations and their communities for active youth participation in community development. EVS volunteering year is part of the project phases. Thus now GREAT Indonesia is looking for one youth volunteer to carry out a one year EVS term in Frankfurt (Oder) Germany, hosted by PeWoBe gGmbH in Frankfurt (Oder). 

About PeWobe and EVS term in Germany

PeWoBe gGmbH in Frankfurt (Oder)  is  a non-profit organization based  in Frankfurt (Oder). It has years of experience in collaborating with sending and hosting organizations in the field of youth work. The main aim of your EVS term is to enhance young people’s participation, their  inclusion, also engagement in civil society by involving them in local cultural activities and non-formal learning programs. In addition, the programs are run with and for young people, including those with fewer opportunities. Also, during the EVS term the volunteers will focus on learning the differences in the society regarding this work field.

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