GREAT-LMTV Young Guardian Club Borobudur Mentoring Program

GREAT-LMTV Young Guardian Club Borobudur Mentoring Program

It’s the 3rd year of cooperation with Borobudur Conservation Office and local students club for the Borobudur conservation, name the Young Guardian Club (YGC) Borobudur. July is the month of YGC Training to recruit new members. Therefore, this workcamp will succeed the YGC Training as well. The project is in partnership with local schools.

More about Borobudur Temple as UNESCO’WH:

Age ≥18 years old, strong motivation and interest in heritage conservation. Enjoy to make new initiatives. Able to work alone and with team.  Online interview will take place during the application process.

Heritage conservation for young people both in manual and educational approach.

  • To facilitate the program of YGC Borobudur
  • To support GREAT team in the mantoring of YGC Creation in other cultural heritage sites: Sangiran.
  • To make classes of heritage education to local schools in Borobudur.

Please have a look at experience of previous LMTV in Borobudur:

Note: Basically volunteers have 2 days off in a week. Volunteers can organize any free time activity by themselves. The volunteers, somehow, are needed to be available during weekends for supporting the local partners and/or GREAT to do other voluntary action (especially for doing activities with YGC as they mostly are available on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

World heritage conservation of Borobudur temple

  • To give opportunity for international volunteers to learn more Borobudur temple compound and its conservation efforts.
  • Using the experience of learning Borobudur, the camp is aimed to promote heritage conservation for local youth/students through Young Guardian Club Borobudur.
  • To organize YGC Borobudur training batch 10.
  • To support the program planning of YGC Borobudur batch 10 period 2018 – 2019

Host family with simple bedding, shared kitchen and bathroom. Please note that Indonesian life style is very modest compared to European or American way. Food is provided by and in host family. If volunteers would like to eat outside, they must cover it by themselves.

Start Date: 1st Tue/Wed every month except June and December

Duration: ≥2 months

Magelang, Central Java

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