GREAT-LMTV Social Inclusion and Education for All: UDINUS

GREAT-LMTV Social Inclusion and Education for All: UDINUS

Organized together with UDINUS (Universitas Dian Nuswantoro) in collaboration with second partner, one Public school for disabled people in Semarang. The school will offer volunteering space in the field of social inclusion for volunteers in UDINUS. This joint program between three organizations is a brand new type of collaboration where both local partners agree to:

  1. Share visions of both partners through sharing knowledge of both local partners to the volunteer
  2. Achieve missions of both partners through combined activities which will be implemented by volunteer
  3. Give volunteering time shared between two local partners
  4. Open access for students of UDINUS to do social inclusion activity together with international volunteer during his stay in this program

Open access for students of Public school for disabled people to meet non-disabled people in Semarang area who are the students of UDINUS and to receive love and sincere attention through social inclusion activities with UDINUS students and international volunteer

Age ≥21 years old, strong motivation to interact with local youth/ students. Online interview will take place during the application process.

Interaction in English with University students as a method to promote IVS and global education.

When in UDINUS:

  • Assist English Classes with alternative subjects: Speaking, Cross Cultural Understanding, Subtitling, etc. The classes will be followed by students of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in university mainly conversation classes;
  • Create and manage the English conversation club out of classes by inviting UDINUS students. The purposes of this activity are: (1) to spread the IVS (International Voluntary Service) spirit among the college students especially in the field of Social Inclusion and (2) to have more relax and informal English conversation activities with interested students.

When in the Public School for Disable People:

  • Learn about the school: its departments, activities in and out of classes, its diversity of disabilities supported by the school to the students and parents
  • Volunteer can decide in which department/ activities of the school he would like to take part at. Volunteer can also do assisting in all departments in turn. Volunteer MUST find his best interest and skills in this phase

Together with UDINUS Students Association to create at least two times Social Inclusion event in the Public school for disabled people.

Non formal learning methods.

To promote IVS and global education

Boarding house, shared bathroom and kitchen.

Start Date: 1st Tue/Wed every month Period 1: Feb-Jun, Period 2: Sep-Dec

Duration: ≥2 months

Semarang, Central Java

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