GREAT-LMTV Social Inclusion and Education for All: Al Ishlah

GREAT-LMTV Social Inclusion and Education for All: Al Ishlah

Al Ishlah Schools are Islamic school located in the heart of Islamic Boarding School Al Ishlah Darussalam Semarang. Al Ishlah schools were established based on the need of formal education to the less students living around south Semarang area and especially those living in Al Ishlah boarding school in 1992.  It concerns on peace and global education for all. By the time, Al Ishlah School is open for public especially for the neighborhood communities. Most of the students of Al Ishlah Schools come from low economic family and the school freed them from the tuition fee.


Age ≥18 years old, strong motivation in having interaction with teenagers. Online interview will take place during the application process.

Interaction in English with local students as a method to promote IVS and global education.

Together with the staff member of Al Ishlah teacher, the volunteers will:

  1. Assist English Classes with alternative subjects: Speaking, Cross Cultural Understanding, Global knowledge
  2. Assist sports and art classes based on volunteers’ interests and skills and backgrounds
  3. Organize activities to promote IVS values;
  4. Organize English club or other language club.

Note: 25 to 40 hours/week. Sometimes the volunteers are needed to support the school and/or GREAT to do other voluntary action during the weekends.

Learning the philosophy peace and reconciliation in the context of Al Ishlah School.

  • To promote IVS and peace to students of Al Ishlah.
  • To encourage confident of the students of Al Ishlah to interact in English with foreigners as part of global education.

Volunteers will stay in Al Ishlah boarding house. Food is provided by and in the boarding house. If volunteers would like to eat outside, they must cover it by themselves.

Start Date: 1st Tue/Wed every month except June

Duration: ≥2 months

Semarang, Central Java

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