GREAT-LMTV Mangrove for Java Pekalongan

Mangrove for Java is a project targeting endangers villages or area located in coastal cities and regencies in Java Island. This project is a sustainable project organized by GREAT in cooperation with local fisher and farmer communities since 2015 to answering the needs of preserving the coastal side of Java Island. Java coastal area is one of the directed affected by global climate change among many of islands in the world. The project is preserving natural diversity and sea shore from the erosion because of significantly mangrove cutting in the 70’s-80s along with strong waves from the ocean.

Age ≥18 years old, strong motivation and interest in environment conservation especially tropical – coastal area.

Planting Mangrove and learn other aspects of Mangrove: social, economic, nature.

  • Planting Mangrove at coastal/green belt in muddy habitat with local community and others
  • Organizing and Promoting environment educational (especially Mangrove issue) activity with local schools and university
  • Creating English learning activities with local community
  • Supporting local home industries on promoting local products
  • Planning and organizing campaign about environmental Issue through direct campaigns or social media
  • Organizing weekend workcamp for mangrove planting and education
  • Raising awareness among community, contribution and join Workcamp in Mangrove for Java.

Mangrove and its ecosystem from the Mangrove Information Center – Pekalongan.

To support the local initiatives of local fisher and farmer communities in protecting the sea shore by planting and seedling mangroves.

House of local people.  Volunteers will share together sleeping space separately between females and males. No bed. Need sleeping bag. Sharing bathroom. Self cooking by the volunteers. Volunteers will make common rules, daily cooking team, cleaning team and washing team and any additional needs together for their collective living group.

Start Date: 1st Tue/Wed every month except June

Duration: ≥2 months

Pekalongan, Central Java

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