ET Assemble – Digital Volunteers GREAT

ET Assemble – Digital Volunteers GREAT

GREAT as a sending and hosting organization conducts international voluntary activities throughout the year in Indonesia and other countries. In the wake of the global pandemic COVID-19, the Indonesian government applies work from home and physical distancing policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It results in many changes in our work. Volunteers cannot mobile to volunteer, both in their own cities and in other countries.

Also, we must adapt to the new situation by converting some manual works to digital. GREAT’s blog project was planned to launch this year by combining Indonesian and international volunteers working together in one place. Nevertheless, we are still working on it virtually by opening this opportunity for volunteers who are interested in blog work behind the scene. Volunteers don’t need to pay anything to apply and to do virtual volunteering with GREAT.

ET Assemble Project is an Editorial Team of four volunteers who will work together with our staff to realize the goal mentioned above.

Type of Project: Middle term volunteer

Duration of Project: August – November 2020

  • To create a volunteering Editorial Team who support GREAT on creating a blog as a medium for our volunteers to share their volunteering stories in Indonesia and abroad.
  • To motivate, encourage, and empower more youth to join international voluntary service with GREAT after visiting and reading the content of GREAT’s blog.
  • To provide the opportunity to do volunteering virtually during and post COVID-19 pandemic.

The project is looking for 4 volunteers who will be the core team of volunteers blogging for the following function and tasks:

Editor in Chief:

1. Create and manage the good strategy for blog design and launch
2. Prepare the procedure for content submission
3. Prepare the platform for blog management

Managing Editor:

1. Manage content submission
2. Supervise and edit submitted blog content
3. Work closely together with the creative editor to publish content

Creative Editor

1. Work closely with Managing Editor and Web Editor to meet the blog needs
2. Support the needs for creative blog content (pictures, graphic design, video, etc.)

Web Editor

1. Create a blog design using WordPress template
2. Support the technical aspect and quality check of blog publication
3. Make changes on the blog design if needed

General requirements:

1. Passionate in voluntary service and blogging
2. Be open-minded and easy-going to work in a multicultural team
3. Strong interest, commitment, and dedication to carry out this project
4. Good at writing/copywriting in English
5. For international volunteers: knowledge in the Indonesian language is a plus
6. Have devices that support work on the above tasks, respectively, including internet connection
7. Possess a good organizational and communication skill
8. Able to set and meet deadlines
9. Understand journalism ethic or willing to learn it
10. Strong teamwork skill and remotely
11. Social listening ability

Specific requirements:

Editor in Chief:

1. Coaching skill
2. Strong leadership
3. Good understanding at blog designing using WordPress template
4. Ability to use project management tool/application

Managing Editor:

1. Coaching skill
2. Strong writing/copywriting/editing skill
3. Communication in community skill
4. Understand how to upload posts/pages using WordPress

Creative Editor:

1. Understand blog designing using WordPress template
2. Have a graphic design background
3. Experienced in design software/application

Web Editor

1. Coaching skill
2. Good at blog designing using WordPress template
3. Be responsive in case of technical issues with the blog

  • The applicant must attach their portfolio when applying, mentioning in which position she/he is best at.
  • It is possible to apply for more than one position if interested and must mention it clearly.
  • There will be an interview session on selection phases from GREAT.
  • Volunteers will work closely with our staff and international volunteers, hence it is important to keep in mind, you will work in an international environment.
  • Volunteers will get E-Certificate from GREAT when the project is completed.

1. Write a subject: ET Assemble_Your Full Name_Position

Example: ET Assemble_India Malina_Editor in Chief
Example: ET Assemble_India Malina_Editor in Chief and Managing Editor

2. Please send your portfolio and motivation letter to our email:

[email protected] and put a CC to [email protected]

3. Deadline of application: August 14th, 2020 at 23.59 WIB/GMT+7

4. GREAT will contact the shortlisted candidate for an interview selection.

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