Long Middle Term Volunteering (LMTV) is international volunteering program where volunteers do their service in a project of 2-4 months (middle term) or more than 4 months (long term). Furthermore, LMTV is mostly dedicated to do voluntary service for the sustainability of a project by supporting and collaborating with local partners and/or local communities. The support and collaboration means in planning, preparing, implementing and evaluating their activities. This activity is more of individual placement rather than in group. Sometimes there are 2 to 3 volunteers in one project.

LMTV projects give opportunity for volunteers to experience, to learn new things, to interact with local people and culture. Also, it is a chance for volunteers to develop personal and social skills. Many of GREAT LMTV project sites are also work camp project sites. This is because GREAT acknowledges the importance of combining both volunteering types to be applied in one project site in order to achieve goals of each IVS project.

  • 18 years old or older (each project may require specific age limit, please read each project description in other section of this page).
  • Non Indonesian who lives abroad and holds valid passport.
  • Non Indonesian who lives in Indonesia and holds KITAS/KITAP (residency) status in Indonesia.
  • Highly motivated, self-organized, self initiative, responsible and well-prepared.
  • Keen on learning Indonesian language informally integrated with local community.
  • Open minded, adaptable, ready to adjust to different culture and custom.
  • Willing to have activities during the weekend.
Non Indonesian passport holders 

1. Contact GREAT global partners enlisted in the following members directory:

(a) CCIVS, or
(b) Alliance, or
(c) SCI, or
(d) NVDA

2. Apply through one of those partners from the list above according to your nationality or resident country. Our partner will be your sending organization

KITAS/KITAP (resident status) holders.

1. Contact GREAT Incoming staff email for long/middle term volunteering: [email protected]
2. Send email of interest along with scan of your valid KITAS/KITAP.

Project Name (Click project name for project description)
Start Date 
1  GREAT-LMTV01 Fruits Gardening, Herbal Plants & Education For Children Pekalongan, Central Java  ENVI, KIDS, EDU
Every month
2  GREAT-LMTV02 Bahtera Kasih Happy Children Semarang, Central Java  KIDS, EDU Every month
3  GREAT-LMTV03 Pekalongan Happy Children Pekalongan, Central Java  KIDS, EDU  Every month
4  GREAT-LMTV04 Women’s Rights & Gender Equality – KJHAM Semarang, Central Java  SOCI
Every month
5  GREAT-LMTV05 Young Guardian Club Borobudur Mentoring Program Magelang, Central Java
HERI, EDU Every month except May & June 2019
6  GREAT-LMTV06 Enhancing Youth Participation: UDINUS Semarang, Central Java  EDU Period 1: February-June Period 2: Sept-December
7  GREAT-LMTV07 Al Ishlah Education for All Semarang, Central Java KIDS, EDU Every month except May & June 2019
8  GREAT-LMTV08 Creative Learning at Pentagon High School Bengkulu EDU, SOCI
All year
9 GREAT-LMTV09 Education for Better Future: STIE Pekalongan Pekalongan, Central Java  EDU, SOCI Period 1: February-May Period 2: Sept-December
10  GREAT-LMTV10 Organic Farming & Environment Conservation Bandung, West Java ENVI, EDU Every month
11 GREAT-LMTV11 Mangrove to Stop Climate Change Pekalongan, Central Java  ENVI, EDU Every month
12 GREAT-LMTV12 Waste Management & River Conservation Bandung, West Java ENVI, EDU, KIDS Every month