Selection Result: Work Camp Exchange Indonesia

As we have completed all the selection process to find GREAT Indonesia representatives for the Work Camp Exchange Indonesia: Conserve the River, Preserve Your Future, here we have the names of the successful candidates:

1. Dini Emiratna Cahyadi
2. Naufal Firmansyah Kuntjoro
3. Sulistiana Ana

4. Iis Nur Subchiyanti

Congratulations to the names above! We are also thankful for the other very motivated applicants. May the next opportunities be yours.

About Work Camp Exchange

Work Camp Exchange is an activity under the platform of World Exchange 2. World Exchange 2 is the second edition of World Exchange. It combines the concept of Youth Exchanges using non-formal learning with work camps in order to provide experimentation and exchange good practices among partners. Additionally, the core of the project is the cooperation between European and Asian organizations and youth workers. Also to provide participants a broader point of view on intercultural exchange. Moreover, the youngsters involved in the project will gain knowledge about how to organize and manage a youth exchange from different points of view. Thus, they will have the opportunity to put it in practice by organizing a youth exchange themselves.

The Work Camp Exchange Indonesia: Conserve The River, Preserve Your Future

The work camp exchange topic in Indonesia is “Conserve The River, Preserve Your Future”. By youth exchange methodology, we will have non-formal activities to exchange knowledge regarding ecological problems, also trash management in participants’ countries. Furthermore, to share their knowledge and contribution in local communities on how to reuse the cow dung to produce organic compost. Additionally, there will be a trash hike with society and experience an intercultural exchange. On the other hand, all the work camp exchangers will also have the chance to get our hands on the field in order to practically learning deeper into that topic.

The Work Camp Exchange Indonesia: Conserve The River, Preserve Your Future will involve volunteers from Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. The participants must come from the nationalities above and apply from one of the 4 sending organizations: CYA – Cambodia, G.R.E.A.T. – Indonesia, DaLaa – Thailand, and NVDA – Pacific Asia Network. GREAT Indonesia will send 4 volunteers to participate in this event.

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