Placement Result: Camp Leaders 2019

We have now completed Training for Camp Leaders 2019!

Firstly, a recap! The participants were able to answer personal and group challenges given during TCL 2019. Second, they also have experienced self learning process in non formal education format. Third, inclusive essential skill sets as camp leader were applied in each learning process. For example: organizational skills, communication skills, conflict resolution, leadership style, finance management, etc.

Next, answering other hard skills challenge were there too. For example: Google features, Microsoft programs, video editing software, and photography. Moreover, the ability of self evaluation was also exposed during the training.

Finally, overall evaluation is done. As a result, we are optimistic with the future potential. Hence, we are now gladly announcing camp leaders placement for work camps 2019 and beyond.

Below are the names:

Project Name
 Camp Leaders Placement
1  GREAT-STV1902  Peace Camp: Women Rights Issues Semarang, Central Java EDU 19 Jun – 02 Jul Syaiful I.R.
2  GREAT-STV1903 Mangrove for Java Pekalongan, Central Java ENVI, EDU, SOCI 20 Jun – 03 Jul Tari Putri
Shinozaki Yu
3  GREAT-STV1904 Batuloceng Agriculture 1 Bandung, West Java AGRI, EDU, SOCI  16 – 29 Jul Fajar Putra N.R.
Fajar Permana
4  GREAT-STV1906 Pekalongan Happy Children 2 Pekalongan, Central Java KIDS, EDU, SOCI  17 – 30 Jul Hafik Umarul M.
5  GREAT-STV1907 Art & Culture Camp Tulungagung, East Java ART, CULT, SOCI  29 Jul – 11 Aug Zukhrufin F.M
6  GREAT-STV1908 Batuloceng Agriculture 2 Bandung, West Java AGRI, EDU, SOCI  9 – 22 Aug Brelyantika I.J
Lusia Piscarini M.
7  GREAT-STV1909 Heritage Soci Camp – Sangiran Solo, Central Java HERI, EDU, SOCI  11 – 23 Aug  Oki Sadma
Syaiful I.R.
8  GREAT-STV1910 Musuk Inclusive Camp Solo, Central Java DISA, EDU, SOCI  19 – 31 Aug Fanni Hanifah H.
Aldo Oktoviyano
9  GREAT-STV1911 Citarum River Conservation Bandung, West Java ENVI, EDU, SOCI  30 Aug – 12 Sep Deni Irawan
10  GREAT-STV1912 Blora Literacy Blora, Central Java KIDS, EDU, SOCI 30 Aug – 12 Sep Ismail Agung P.
11  GREAT-STV1913 Heritage Soci Camp – Sampokong Semarang, Central Java HERI, EDU, SOCI 25 Jul – 06 Aug Jagad Aji W.
12  GREAT-BWC SCC 2 Mangrove NICE Pekalongan, Central Java ENVI, EDU, SOCI 26 Apr – 04 May M. Baihaqi
Shinozaki Yu
13  GREAT-BWC SCC 5 Mangrove NICE Pekalongan, Central Java ENVI, EDU, SOCI 12 – 25 Jul M.H. Muttaqin
Shinozaki Yu
14  GREAT-BWC SCC 6 Mangrove NICE Pekalongan, Central Java ENVI, EDU, SOCI 02 – 15 Aug M.H. Muttaqin
Shinozaki Yu
15  GREAT-BWC SCC 7 Mangrove NICE Pekalongan, Central Java ENVI, EDU, SOCI 23 Aug – 5 Sep Hani Nurlina
Shinozaki Yu
16  GREAT-BWC SCC 8 Mangrove NICE Pekalongan, Central Java ENVI, EDU, SOCI 13 – 26 Sep Gandies P.
Shinozaki Yu
18 BWC Batuloceng Batuloceng Bandung, West Java AGRI, EDU, SOCI 2 – 15 Sep  Fajar Permana
Salsabila Alya S.
19 BWC Citarum Citarum Bandung, West Java ENVI, EDU, SOCI  16 – 29 Aug Maulida Umma S.
Dian Wijaya
20 BWC Bahtera Kasih Bahtera Kasih Semarang, Central Java KIDS, EDU, SOCI 28 April – 4 May Ambar Nia

However, there are participants of Training for Camp Leaders who do not get placement in the work camps above. Therefore, we are suggesting them to standby for leadership possibility whenever there is vacant position available in the future. The opportunities are not limited only for being Camp Leaders 2019 but also later time.

In addition, we would like to deliver our sincere gratitude and high appreciation for all camp leaders from Training for Camp Leaders 2019 and earlier batch. Thank you for your availability and commitment. Next, let’s coordinate and communicate for better planning and preparation. Lastly, let’s grow together!

About Training Camp Leaders 2019

A work camp is a place where every GREAT Camp Leader can learn, share and realize their potentials among participants. Also, this is an event where they can contribute to local communities and local partners’ program. While doing so, they will get the chance to improve skills set. For example: soft skills, such as personal, interpersonal, social skills. Also, hard skills, e.g language, writing, project cycle management, audio visuals, etc. Moreover, it improves their own skills through summer work camps 2019 and more work camps beyond.

Volunteering opportunity with GREAT

Considering to participate work camps before becoming a camp leader? Learn more about how to apply as work camp participants here.

On the other hand, how about participating work camp abroad? Read more about volunteering abroad here.

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