Selection Result: Participants Training Camp Leaders 2019

We called for participants of GREAT Training Camp Leaders 2019 in the early April. Did you apply for this CL position in 2019?

We are now welcoming the participants GREAT Training Camp Leaders 2019:

1. Deni Irawan
2. Dian Wijaya
3. Fajar Permana
4. Fanni Hanifah Husna
5. Firdan Thoriq Faza
6. Gandies Puspitarani
7. Hani Nurlina
8. Ismail Agung Prasetya
9. Jagad Aji Wijoyo
10. Lilis Ristanti
11. Maulida Umma S.
12. Tari Putri Utami

To the names above, please check your email to start all needed preparations prior to your arrival at the training venue.

On the other hand, we also found the preparation team during the selection process, they are:

1. Silfi Roihanah
2. Naura Nadhifah

We are thankful for a number of applications showing interests to fill in vacant camp leaders position in GREAT projects. However, we had to select those that we think will fit the best with the profile of each project.

Next, we strongly recommend our members to participate the work camps opening for Indonesian participants to get more experiences in international voluntary service before becoming a camp leader. As a result, you will already have tasted IVS in grass root level that will help you to be more confident and ready in joining the training and lead work camps later.

About Training Camp Leaders 2019

A work camp is a place where every GREAT Camp Leader can learn, share and realize their potentials among participants. Also, this is an event where they can contribute to local communities and local partners’ program. While doing so, they will get the chance to improve skills set, from soft skills (personal, interpersonal, social skills) to hard skills (language, writing, project cycle management, audio visuals, etc) at the same time. GREAT will conduct the 4th training for GREAT Camp Leader to be able to contribute more in a work camp; also, to improve their own skills through summer work camps 2019 and more work camps beyond.

Learn more about our work camps here.

Learn more about our each work camp description here.

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