[CLOSED] Vacancy: Outgoing Staff and Bandung Staff

Vacant positions: Outgoing Staff & Bandung Staff
Deadline of Application: 3rd December 2018

 General Conditions:
  • 1 year contract with possibility for extension;
  • When the above mentioned period is finished, the contract can be extended by mutual agreement. We welcome the person who wishes and motivated to work for years!
  • The status may be upgraded to Program Manager for Outgoing Staff and Bandung Area Manager for Bandung Staff for the next contract(s) when the person performs the tasks excellently.
General Profiles:

1. Preferable: GREAT Member;
2. Female/Male;
3. Fluent in English;
4. Has strong will to self-learning & group-learning skills;
5. Excellent in interpersonal skill;
6. Experienced in conflict management;
7. Familiar with non-formal learning facilitation method;
8. Ability to work in a multicultural environment and both individually and in a team;
9. Ability to multitask and to respect deadlines;
10. Good ICT skills (MS Office, Google Drive, internet use, etc.);
11. Ability to use Photoshop or Corel or other computer desgining program;
12. Ready to travel within and outside Indonesia to represent GREAT in project related events;
13. Ready for brieifing and pre-trial on 10th – 21st of Dec 2018;
14. Ready to do trial on 1st January 2019 and start working on 1st February 2019.


Outgoing Staff
Spesific Profiles:

1. Based in Semarang or has willingness to be based in Semarang;
2. Passionate in responsible travelling.


Under the supervision of Executive Director of GREAT, the staff responsibility is to promote and make deals of Outgoing Program to Indonesian youth and related potential partners, with specific tasks as follow:

1. Develop GREAT Outgoing system;
2. Collect and update information of outgoing programs world wide from GREAT International partners;
3. Promote Outgoing program as part of GREAT promotion team including to the potential partners such as Universities, youth communities, etc.
4. Work on the placement of Indonesian volunteers for outgoing programs including correspondence with international partners especially related with their incoming staffs;
5. In charge of the development of Pre Departure Training and On Arrival Session for returnee volunteers;
6. Support the website content related to Outgoing Program;
7. Periodically consult and report the work and achievement to Executive Director.


Bandung Staff
Spesific Profiles:

1. KTP Bandung or Based in Bandung or has willingness to be based in Bandung;
2. Knowledge of Project Cycle Management, especially in non profit area;


Under the supervision of Executive Director of GREAT, the staff responsibility is to plan and prepare, implement, evaluate and report IVS projects in Bandung area, with specific tasks as follow:

1. Plan and prepare

a. Do planning and preparing IVS projects in Bandung (STV-LMTV) from the need assessments, stakeholder meetings and any related meetings;
b. Support promotion strategy of GREAT especially in Bandung & surrounding area;
c. Support planning and organizing training for members in Bandung;
d. In charge of preparing a budget plan of IVS program and projects supported by Finance Manager.

2. Implement

a. In charge of taking care of local and international volunteers according the related current procedures both STV & LMTV supported by related staffs and GREAT working groups;
b. In charge of the general implementation of the entire annual program along with its targets and activities with local partners and volunteers;
c. Function as supervisor of GREAT activities in Bandung area, including activities of local GREAT volunteers’ community.

3. Evaluate

a. Provide feedback and facilitate evaluation periodically to the local partners, international and local volunteers based on planning and implementation term.

4. Reporting

a. Periodically consult and report the works and achievement to Executive Director.

How to apply:

1. Send your cover letter & CV to [email protected] with Cc to [email protected] and [email protected].
2. At the latest  Monday, 3rd Dec 2018 at 11.00 WIB.
3. Use the following Email Subject:

Application Bandung Staff, if you apply as Bandung Staff or
Application Outgoing Staff, if you apply as Outgoing Staff

Only short listed candidates will be contacted for the interview.

Further information: Ismi +6282243631981 (WhatsApp text only)

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