Selection Result: Training for Camp Leaders 2018

In the end of March 2018, we launched a call for participants of Training for Camp Leaders 2018, in order to select our potential members to be new camp leaders in 2018-2019. An interview selection also has been conducted to all candidates who passed the administration selection on the April 13, 2018. GREAT Indonesia hereby announces the successful candidates to participate the Training for Camp Leaders 2018:

1. Adhitya Riska Yunita
2. Agus Abdul Hidayat
3. Ahmad Dana Muhsin Kamil
4. Dana Bratu
5. Erza Septiawan
6. Fajar Nuari Erwianisya
7. Gaza Gasaega
8. Hafik Umarul Munir
9. Intan Setyawati
10. Lutfi Habib Maulana
11. Nala Izati
12. Rahmadanik Siwi Rahayu
13. Siti Suci Larasati
14. Surya Martha Pratiwi
15. Syaiful Ramadhan
16. Tiyana Fakih Fuadianti
17. Wilujeng Handayani Prayitno

Congratulations to the names above and please proceed to keep in contact with our training team intensively by email to have a better preparation prior to your arrival. We would like to also express our gratitude for all applicants who have shown to us a great motivation to participate in the event.  There are other and more interesting programs ahead for you to join. We believe that will see you again!

About TCL 2018

Each year, GREAT organizes work camps to create international friendship among participants and to involve local communities. Within every work camp, there is at least one camp leader to manage and lead from pre, during and post work camp activities.

A work camp is a place where every GREAT Camp Leader can learn, share and realize their potentials among participants. It is also an event where they can contribute to local communities and local partners’ program when at the same time they get the chance to improve their skills set from soft skills (personal, interpersonal, social skills) to hard skills (language, writing, project cycle management, audio visuals, etc).

This year, GREAT will conduct the third training for GREAT Camp Leader to be able to create more contribution for all parties involved in a work camp and to improve their own skills through summer work camps 2018 and more work camps beyond.


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