[CLOSED] Call for Participants: Training Camp Leaders 2018

EXTENDED Application Deadline: 10th of April 2018
Training Duration: 
19th -22nd of April 2018
Training Location: 

Background of Training Camp Leaders 2018

Gerakan Kerelawanan Internasional (GREAT) mission is to provide equal opportunity for youth by empowering them to develop their unique skills and to become agents of change for world peace. Each year, GREAT organizes work camps to create international friendship among participants and to involve local communities. Within every work camp, there is at least one camp leader to manage and lead from pre, during and post work camp activities.

A work camp is a place where every GREAT Camp Leader can learn, share and realize their potentials among participants. Also, this is an event where they can contribute to local communities and local partners’ program. While doing so, they will get the chance to improve skills set from soft skills (personal, interpersonal, social skills) to hard skills (language, writing, project cycle management, audio visuals, etc) at the same time.

This year, GREAT will conduct the third training for GREAT Camp Leader to be able to contribute more for all parties involved in a work camp and to improve their own skills through summer work camps 2018 and more work camps beyond. Check out our timetable and workcamp list 2018 here.


The participants to be ready and prepared to act as GREAT Camp Leaders for upcoming GREAT work camps.


1. To cultivate non-formal learning methods.
2. T
o comprehend how a work camp is organized.
3. To assist participants developing their own skills set in benefit for the work camp organization.
4. To encourage participant digging more of their potentials.
5. To accommodate existing camp leaders to refresh and improve their skills as well as sharing it with new ones.

Expected Outcome:

1. Participants experience the non-formal learning methods.
2. Participants comprehend how a work camp is organized from pre, during and post activities.
3. Participants are able to develop their own skills set as camp leaders.
4. Participants gain confidence and are prepared and ready to lead work camps.
5. Participants are able to refresh and improve their skills as well as sharing it with new ones.

Venue and Time

Venue: Pengulon RT 03 RW 01, Gladagsari, AmpelBoyolali 57352
Time: 19th – 22nd of April 2018

Applicant’s Profile

1. GREAT member.
2. Preferably has participated at least one work camp and/or Basic Training of GREAT.
3. Confident and good in English.
4. Highly motivated and initiative-taking when they work in a team and/or as individual.
5. Open minded, respect others and care about environment.
6. Having an interest or basic skill in writing/photography/movie making.
7. Willing to be camp leader for Summer Camp 2018 and Spring Camp 2019.
8. Committed to fully attend the duration of the training (GREAT will support you with permission letter for college/work. Please make your request for this earlier to the contacts below).

Application procedure and deadline

1. Fill the application form. Download here.
2. Send the form by email to: Ms. Nia [email protected] and cc to: Ms. Galuh[email protected].
With subject format: TCL 2018_your full name.
Example: TCL 2018_Yayat Sudrajat
3. Deadline of application: Tuesday10th of April 2018 at 21.00 PM Western Indonesia Time.

Training Condition
  • GREAT will cover meal/snack and training materials during training sessions.
  • Participants will bear their own transport.
  • Detail of the training is sent only to selected participants.
More Inquiries:

Project Manager: Ms. Nia — [email protected]
Membership and Training Staff: Ms. Galuh — [email protected]

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