[CLOSED] Call For A Local Leader: Stop Climate Change 2018

Project Duration: July 4th – September 25th 2018
Project Location: Pekalongan, Indonesia
Extended Deadline: Friday, 23rd of March 2018

Background of Stop Climate Change Project

Situation of climate change has been so far recognized as one of the most crucial global problems. In fact, many people and organizations have been working hard to overcome the situation. However, the global carbon emission keeps increasing (21 billion tons in 1990 to 29 billion in 2009 while our planet can absorb only 10 billion in its nature). Moreover, the damage is getting more and more serious on landscape, forests and its biodiversity. Also in food production and water supply, human security and the list goes on.

Although the recent COP21 has agreed on global goals, we need much further efforts and collaboration among countries, stakeholders, organizations and people to prevent increase of global temperature within 1.5-2 degrees. Furthermore, innovative, epoch‐making actions and cooperation need to be created and developed in order to have breakthrough to protect our beautiful planet for the future generations. Thus, we see one of which can be international voluntary service.

About Stop Climate Change (SCC)

IVS (International Voluntary Service) has been creating unique and valuable impact to prevent climate change, not only by the work to plant and grow trees and other carbon reducing actions, but also by spreading collective and simple low carbon lifestyles, networking people and organizations, raising awareness among local people and world youth and promoting further actions.

The Global Voluntary Service to Stop Climate Change (SCC) is one of these unique movement executed by IVS volunteers globally since 2015 with the networks AllianceCCIVS and NVDA started a common campaign “IVS against climate change”.
GREAT took part on this SCC program since 2016, when we did youth volunteer exchange between Indonesian and Cambodian in the SCC platform.

In 2017, the SCC program was held by four IVS organizations of NVDA members in four different countries: GREAT IndonesiaCYA CambodiaRUCHI India and NICE Japan.

Now, in 2018, seven countries will carry out the SCC programs including us, in Pekalongan, Indonesia where we will continue this project by bringing with us our best practices and more improvement. The seven countries are  GREAT IndonesiaCYA CambodiaRUCHI India, AJOV Mozambique, GV4GF Sri Lanka and De Amicitia Spain.


⇒ Actively involve in carbon reduction activity through SCC projects in 7 countries
⇒ Learn and create Carbon Offset and Crowd Funding for the sustainability of each project
⇒ Raise the awareness of local people concerning climate change issue
⇒ Promote the environmental-friendly lifestyle and apply it to the work camps

Project Base and Duration

Project Base: Pekalongan Coastal Area
Duration: 4th Jul – 25th September 2018


1. GREAT Member and from GREAT of Pekalongan is preferable.
2. Active GREAT camp leader.
3. Ever led at least 1 GREAT work camp.
4. Available and committed to lead the SCC Long Work camp starts from 4th July – 30 September 2018 in Pekalongan Mangrove for Java Project.
5. Holding active Indonesian passport, not less than 6 months before expiry date.
6. Available to represent GREAT in SCC Preparation Training in Tokyo Japan, 12nd – 17th May 2018.
7. Fluent in spoken and written English is a must.
8. Have interest in Climate Change and environmental issue.
9. Willing to learn Carbon Offset and Crowd Funding.

How to Apply

1. Fill the outgoing online form, click here.
2. Application deadline is now extended to Friday of March 2018 at 15:00 WIB (West Indonesian Time Zone/GMT+7).
GREAT will only contact shortlisted candidates for further interview by email, along with the schedule for interview.

Term of Conditions 

1. The SCC Preparation Training and project/local partner summit will be entirely in English.
2. No Participant Fee.
3. Meals and accommodation are covered, but volunteer must bear their own personal cost during the SCC Preparation Training in Japan.
4. Committed to accomplish the Carbon Offset project and Crowd Funding together with Pekalongan Area Manager in the project duration mentioned above.
4. Inscription fee IDR 1.000.000 must be paid to GREAT before your departure to Japan.
5. Guarantee fee IDR 1.000.000. This amount of money will be given back to you after the project finished and submit report to GREAT.
6. Fully attend the Pre Departure Training in GREAT Office, Semarang.
7. Able to pay the flight fare to Japan in advance, NICE will give the 80% reimbursement within the SCC Preparation Training in Tokyo, Japan on 12nd – 17th May 2018.

What SCC program covers

1. 80% of total return flight ticket Indonesia-Japan-Indonesia (the tickets will be reimbursed by NICE Japan as the organizer)
2. Meals, accommodation and local transport during the program.
3. Project materials.
4. Meals and accommodation during Pre Departure Training.
5. Support money for the volunteer 100$ per month during the project.

What SCC program doesn’t cover

1. Personal medication
2. Passport fee & Visa Fee
3. Local Transport from Narita/Haneda Airport to the Meeting Point (NICE Office)
4. Local from your hometown to Semarang or Jakarta (the departure will be from Semarang/Jakarta Airport)
5. Personal expense during your journey
6. Local transport during the Pre Departure Training

Contact Info:
Galuh Sutopo
Program Manager of GREAT
Email : [email protected]
WA : +49 157 5677 6477


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