Selection Result: Youth Activists for ITC STAGED!


We are gladly announcing the following names are the participants of STAGED! the 2nd INTERNATIONAL TRAINING COURSE – on Project Management.  The training take place in Semarang, Indonesia, on the 25th of September – 4th of October 2017.

They are:
1. Fajar Nuari Erwianisya
2. Hestia Ainun Fintari
3. Serevinna Dewita

4. Tengku Antony Satria
5. Nala Izati
6. Emelda Melda

In addition, we also have accepted one volunteer, Zukhrufin Fu’addati Mulikah, as a Preparation Team member to join us preparing this event.

To all names mentioned above, please be noted that our staff has sent to you an email for further coordination and for your easier preparation. And for those who do not make it to the final selection yet, we would like to say thank you for your applications. There are many more volunteering opportunities ahead that we are sure will cross path again with you!

Struggling Against Gender-based Discrimination through Youth Work in EU and Asia or STAGED! is a series of three International Training Course (ITC) for youth funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission in 2017. This time in Indonesia is the second ITC of STAGED! Project.

During the TC participants will develop new competences could be used afterwards in the draft and implementation of new projects proposals during the follow up phase to set a concrete social action planning to intervene in the local communities. They will also share new tools and information on how to conceive, draft and develop projects on the topic of gender, on the project life cycle, project management, funding lines, budget compilation and project coordination.

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