[CLOSED] Call for Participants: 6 Youth Activists for ITC STAGED!

Re-opened for 2 more INDONESIAN participants
Extended Deadline: 16th of September 2017

Project Duration: 25thSeptember – 4thOctober 2017

Project Location: Semarang, Indonesia


Struggling Against Gender-based Discrimination through Youth Work in EU and Asia or STAGED! is a series of three International Training Course (ITC) for youth funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission in 2017. This is the second ITC of STAGED! Project. Furthermore, the training will focus on the following aspects:

  • Sharing of the main outcomes of the Youth Meetings done by alumni of ITC 1 STAGED Vietnam on May 2017;
  • Deepening of the main pillars on project;
  • Design and management;
  • Testing and upgrading of interactive methodologies to set projects focused on gender equality.

Also, during the TC participants will develop new competences including need assessment. In addition, they will apply the TC which are the Study Phase – SP in November/December 2017 and the Local Actions Implementation – LAI phase in January/February 2018. Next, the set of competences developed in this phase, could be used afterwards in the draft and implementation of new project proposals during the follow up phase to set a concrete social action planning to intervene in the local communities.


To share new tools and information on how to conceive, draft and develop projects on the topic of gender, on the project life cycle, project management, funding lines, budget compilation and project coordination.


1. Raise awareness on the need of promoting young women empowerment, equal rights and opportunities for both men and women in EU and SEA countries;
2. Deepen the different gender role models in the involved countries so to draft and propose new role models based on equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities for both males and females;
3. Exchange the good practices in the field of gender equality and women empowerment, among EU and SEA civil society organizations;
4. Develop new NFE tools and working methods to favour the raising awareness process and the young women participation in EU and SEA countries;
5. Provide participants with new competences and know how on project planning and project life’ cycle in order to create an effective set of actions and IVS initiatives in the gender equality framework within the involved countries.


Venue    : Griya Paseban Semarang, Indonesia
Address: Jl. Dr. Ismangil, Bongsari, Semarang Barat, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50148
Date       : 25th September – 4th October 2017


1. GREAT members
2. Age: 18+
3. Have interest in human rights and gender issues, non formal education for youth, and intercultural exchange
4. Preferably, have experiences in leading workcamp or peer volunteering or activists of GO Cities or member of GREAT Trainer or alumni of ITC 1st STAGED Vietnam.
5. Fluent in spoken and written English is preferable
6. Committed to disseminate the knowledge in the next phases of STAGE: Study Phase and Local Action Implementation Phase (as a camp leader, local event coordinator, enrichment coordinator, trainer or training coordinator, etc.)

How to Apply

1. Firstly, download application form here.
2. Secondly. fill out the participant application form
3. Next, send it to [email protected] no later than Saturday, 16th September at 23.59 WIB (West Indonesian Time Zone).
4. We will call only shortlisted candidates for further interview.

Term of conditions

1. The activity will use entirely English as communication
2. Pay Participation fee is IDR 500.000. Once you receive the acceptance email, you will be informed on how to make the payment. The payment deadline is 3 days after the acceptance date.

Contact GREAT for special participation fee if you GREAT members and have stars in your GREAT Journey book/if you are alumni of ITC 1 STAGED! Vietnam.

3. Making a report of ITC participation to GREAT.
4. To commit to do Study Phase and Local Implementation Phase of STAGE with GREAT
5. Pay Guarantee fee IDR 250.000. Once you receive the acceptance email, you will be informed on how to make the payment. The payment deadline is 3 days after the acceptance date.
This amount of money will be given back to you when:

Have participated the ITC fully from arrival to departure day,
Already submitted participation report of ITC to GREAT,
Do run the Study Phase in November/December 2017 and Local Action Implementation Phase in January/February 2018

What ITC Program covers

1. Meals, accommodation and local transport during the training
2. Project materials
3. International Training certificate
4. International Trainers

What ITC Program does NOT cover:

1. Personal medication
2. Personal expenses during transit and project

For more info, please consult to Ms. Ismi Novia, STAGED! Coordinator at 0822-4363-1981

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