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Project Name
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Location Date Type
Participation Fee
NICE Kuromatsunai 3 Hokkaido, Japan 20 July – 15 August 2017 KIDS Free
ITC-SCI 10.2 Protecting a medieval abbey from wildfire Sacra di San Michele, Italy 25 August – 4 September 2017 AGRI, CONS, ENVI Free
DWC Sustainable Farming and Animal Sanctuary Zhongshan, Guangdong 22 – 30 July 2017 AGRI, ENVI Free
IWO-71 Maze Market Busan, South Korea 18 – 27 July 2017 ENVI Free
IWO -75 Youth Empowering Wando, South Korea 25 July – 6 August 2017 YOUTH Free
IWO – 81 Youth Land Yeongwol, South Korea 1 – 13 August 2017 YOUTH Free
DE-VJF 1.1 Sachsenhausen Oranienburg, Germany 17 July – 5 August 2017 ENVI, Study, Discussion, Research Free
 DE-SCI 6.82 HIV-Pervention  Berlin, Germany 30 July – 13 August 2017 SOCI, Peace, Study, Discussion Free

This hot list of outgoing program is selected and updated by our Outgoing Staff following updates from our international partners listed in the IVS network of CCIVS and SCI. Should you not meet your interest or preference of voluntary services by time of availability, field of activities, location, you can do self-searching through the work camp search engine of SCI on the other part of this page or directly consult to our staff by email to [email protected].

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