Long Middle Term Volunteering (LMTV)

LMTV is an international activity that deposits 2-6 month (middle term) or 6-12 (long term) with special theme for sustainable project. This activity is an individual project which each project contains one or two volunteers.

Volunteer will stay in one place with the project site, in collaboration with partners or local communities with the main purpose of exchanging experiences, culture, mutual benefit between the relevant parties.


  • To exchange experience and culture, to provide opportunities for volunteers to connect with and learn from the community through enjoyment of local life and exchange.
  • To promote lasting change with specialized and sustainable voluntary works that improve the community.
  • Mutual benefit between the stakeholder, to empower not only the hosts, but also the local communities especially in depopulated areas.

How to join:

  • Apply as volunteer participant.
  • Propose new LMTV project. (for potential local partner who needs volunteers in their organization)

LMTV Project List and Project Description