[CLOSED] Call for Volunteers: Work Camp Exchange Cambodia

Work Camp Dates: 8th –  17th December 2019
Work Camp Location: Angkor Chey, Cambodia
Extended Application Deadline: 12th November 2019

About Work Camp Exchange

Work Camp Exchange is an activity under the platform of World Exchange 2. The World Exchange 2 is the second edition of World Exchange. It combines the concept of Youth Exchanges using non-formal learning with work camps in order to provide experimentation and exchange good practices among partners. Additionally, the core of the project is the cooperation between European and Asian organisations and youth workers. Also to provide participants a broader point of view on the intercultural exchange. Moreover, the youngsters involved in the project will gain knowledge about how to organize and manage a youth exchange from different point of views. Thus, they will have the opportunity to put it in practice by organizing a youth exchange themselves.

The Work Camp Exchange Cambodia: Grow Your Eco-Food and Sustain Your Future

The work camp exchange topic in Cambodia is “Grow Your Eco-Food and Sustain Your Future”. By youth exchanges methodology, we will  have non-formal activities to exchange knowledge regarding food security, food autonomy, permaculture, ecology and harmful of chemical pesticide agricultural products. Also, to map out different problems regarding eco-food and alternative ways of agriculture in participant countries. Furthermore, to inspire the youth of Asia to produce local eco-food products, to share their knowledge in local communities on how   to grow healthly food and maintain our ecological system. On the other hand, all the work camp exchanger will also have the chance to get our hand on the field in order to practically learning deeper into that topic.

The Work Camp Exchange Cambodia: Grow Your Eco-Food and Sustain Your Future will involve volunteers from Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong. Additionally, the participants must come from the nationalities above and apply from one of the 4 sending organizations: CYA – Cambodia, G.R.E.A.T. – Indonesia, DaLaa – Thailand, and NVDA – Pacific Asia Network. GREAT Indonesia will send 4 volunteers to participate in this event.


1. Provide tools for a more sustainable way of living
2. Learn and put in practice the principles of Eco-Food production and alternative agriculture
3. Raise awareness on the habits and practices that have more impact on the environment
4. Exchange good practices through national/cultural workshops

Venue and Time

Duration: 10 days
Venue: Angkor Chey, Cambodia
Dates: 8th –  17th December 2019

Workcamp activites

1. Help to build a green house in the CYA – Learning Center field
2. Learn to understand how  to grow hydroponic agriculture and create CYA Learning Center hydroponic structure
3. Get our hand on practical farming on soil and understand gardening, mixing, mulching, composting and so on


1. GREAT Member (if you are not GREAT member, you can register yourself as a member here).
2. Age 20 -30
3. Have passport ready and valid until at least June 2020
4. Active participation in all the activities of the work camp Exchange
5. Able to work in a team and share private spaces
6. High motivation and interest on the topic
7. Basic English knowledge
8. Commitment to write an article/post after the project
9. Commitment to do the assignment plan, from pre-during-post project

Financial Conditions

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. Accommodation, food, local transport during and for project in Cambodia and international travel costs are fully covered.

The program does NOT cover:

1. Passport fee
2. Personal medication
3. Personal expenses
4. Guarantee fee (GREAT will refund this to volunteers after they complete the project in Cambodia, submit report and finish all assignments on time)
5. Organizational support fee (for GREAT to support non funded activities which are not related to any Erasmus+ program; e.g organizational events, international networking and promotional tools development)

Terms and Conditions:

1. Selected candidates must pay:

Guarantee fee IDR 2.000.000 to GREAT
Organizational Support fee IDR 1.000.000 to GREAT

2. Deadline of payment of Guarantee Fee is 14th-16th November 2019 and Organizational Support Fee is 25th November 2019.
3. Selected candidates are ready to do pre, during and post assignments of the project that supports GREAT activities.
4. Selected candidates agree to sign legal agreement with GREAT carrying pre-during-post assignment of the project.
5. Fully attend the Pre Departure Training series with GREAT including 2 days physical meeting training in Semarang on 25th November 2019.
6. Youthpass certificate will be given at the end of the project.

 The Assignments (related to point 4 above):

⇒ Pre project (choose two or more assignments in addition to the obligatory):

√ Support the promotional activities online with GREAT Staff
√ Support poster making of GREAT Activities promotion with GREAT Staff
 Be active in local volunteering activities in their closest GO Cities for 2 weeks in November-December 2019. Check out the GO Cities activities here

⇒ During project (all obligatory):

 Send pictures and videos of their departure and during projects regularly to GREAT staff
 Post, tag and mention GREAT social media when posting documentation related to this project
 Communicate regularly with GREAT staff during the project

⇒ Post project (obligatory and optional):


√ Submit report of participation at the latest 3 working days after arrival at Indonesia
√ Join GREAT Basic Training as participants for those who never joined yet. Next Basic Training is March 2020
√ Join one international or bilateral work camp as participant between January – April  2020

Optional (choose at least 3 assignments in addition to the obligatory):

√ Join one international or bilateral work camp as participant between April -June 2020
 Join one international or bilateral work camp as camp leader between April -July 2020, including must join Training for Camp Leader in April 2020
√ Support the promotional activities offline with GREAT staffs January – April 2020
√ Support the promotional activities online with GREAT staffs January – April 2020
 Be active in at least 5 months in a row of local volunteering activities in their closest GO Cities in Indonesia after Cambodia between January – June 2020.

Application Procedure
Now – 10th 12th of November at 23.59 WIB/GMT+7 1. Application is open.
2. Fill out the online Application form here.
3. Download and fill the table of Assignment plans here.
4. At the same time you submit the online application, send the table of assignments plans by email to [email protected]
With Subject: WE Cambodia_ Name
12th of November 2019 (will be rescheduled) Shortlisted candidates interview.
GREAT will contact only shortlisted candidate for interview
 Pre assignment plans
12th – 13th of November 2019  (will be rescheduled) Interview sessions
14th of November 2019 Announcement of selected Candidates
14th – 16th of November 2019 Deadline payment for Guarantee Fee
25th of November 2019 Pre Departure Training for selected candidates
Deadline payment for Organizational Support Fee
8th – 17th December 2019 Project  During assignment plans
18th December 2019 – May 2020 Arrival back at Indonesia  Post assignment plans
Further info

Ms. NuaErwianisya (Outgoing Staff)
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 085713255366

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