Selection Result: Training of Inclusive Adventure Education: From Theory to Practice, Bulgaria

The following names are volunteer members of GREAT who has successfully passed the selection process to participate the Training of Inclusive Adventure Education: From Theory to Practice, an Erasmus+ training for youth in Bulgaria.

Hence we’d like to congratulate to:

1. Oki Sadma (GREAT of Semarang)
2. Brelyantika Indra Jesa (GREAT of Bandung)
3. Fanni Hanifah Husna (GREAT of Salatiga)

Thank you for all applicants. Stay tuned and be active as there are many more opportunities ahead you are interested to apply.

For the three names above, please check your email to get more detail preparation. See you soon!

About Training

GREAT is calling for 3 Indonesian participants to participate in the Training of Inclusive Adventure Education: From Theory to Practices is an ERASMUS+ Programme – Key Action 2 – Capacity Building  in  The  Field of Youth. The main aim of the project is to develop capacities of partner’s organizations (GREAT Indonesia) to apply inclusive adventure education at their work with young people with fewer opportunities. Next is to to foster empowerment of young people through applying the methods and techniques of adventure education. Another aim is to facilitate their social and emotional development.

The inclusive adventure education has positive effects on interpersonal relationships, personal growth/challenge, self-awareness, and change in relationships with others, level of satisfaction, and social/socialization abilities. Also, through the project activities, the partners will increase their understanding of inclusive adventure education and they will develop their competencies to deliver activities based on it. The training courses will provide the participants deeper insight into the concept of inclusive adventure education. Additionally, the participants will get to know the theoretical background, key elements of the concept. They will take part in adventure based activities. Besides exploring the concept of adventure education, the participants will focus on raising their competencies to work with young  people with fewer opportunities and increasing their knowledge of Erasmus Programme.

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