Selection Result: Training of GAGA (Global Action for Gender Awareness) in Uganda

We are happy to share the result of selection process for applicants to participate another Erasmus+ youth activity, the Training of GAGA (Global Action for Gender Awareness) in Uganda. They are GREAT volunteer members who have been actively involved in some local volunteers activities (GO Cities) and in our international volunteering activities in Indonesia too.

Congratulations to:

1. Muhammat Sabar Prihatin (GO Salatiga)
2. Chaedar Indra Pranama (GO Bandung)

To the two names mentioned above, kindly to check your email and directly continue the preparation process.

To the rest of applicants, we thank you for your keen interest to enter this opportunity. We do have other volunteering activities both in Indonesia and abroad that needs youth involvement and support the whole year long. Hence, we encourage you to keep volunteering with us and/or with your community. Not only it benefits the community target, environment but also it records your volunteering track that will benefit you in similar other chances.

Congrats again and until we see you again!

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