[CLOSED] Call for Participants: GREAT Basic Training 2018

Located at 6 Cities, choose your Basic Training:
Yogyakarta: 17th March | Pekalongan: 24th March | Bandung: 24th March
Salatiga: 25th March | Kediri Raya: 24th-25th MarchSemarang: 1st April
FREE OF CHARGE, limited seats and book now!


What is Basic Training

Basic Training is a program organized by GREAT that allows its members and new members to gain better understanding and insight about International Voluntary Service (IVS), GREAT Journey, and GREAT activities especially during 2018. It also helps members to decide how they can participate, in what role and which field of voluntary works best suited for them to join and be involved.


To recruit new volunteers who are motivated to be active in International Voluntary Service and do social services together with GREAT.


1. To introduce new members to International Voluntary Service.
2. To provide members/new members with information about GREAT and GREAT Journey.
3. To provide new members with basic knowledge of activities in GREAT.
4. To invite members and new members involve in GREAT Activities.

Expected Outcome

1. New members understand IVS movement concepts.
2. New members understand about GREAT activities.
3. Members and new members are actively involved in GREAT Activities.
4. Members and new members understand about GREAT membership system as it is in GREAT Journey.

Schedule of Basic Training 2018
Cities Date Time Venue
Yogyakarta 17th March
08.00 – 17.00 WIB Pendopo Padukuhan Mrican Pendopo Padukuhan Mrican (Timur UNY)
Pekalongan 24th March
08.00 – 17.00 WIB Aula Pusat Informasi Pekalongan  Kandang Panjang, Pekalongan Utara, Pekalongan
Bandung  24th March
08.00-17.00 WIB Rumah Relawan GREAT Batuloceng, Bandung
Salatiga 25th March
 08.00 – 17.00 WIB  Panti Asuhan Muhammadiyah Abu Hurairah, Salatiga Jl. Kauman no. 32 Salatiga
Kediri Raya  24th-25th March
 08.00-17.00 WIB  Winda’s House  Banjarsari Lor RT03/RW01, Banjarejo, Rejotangan, Tulungagung
Semarang 1st April  08.00 – 17.00 WIB Semarang Digital Kreatif (SDK)  Jl. Mpu Tantular no.2 Semarang
Who Can Join

1. Member of GREAT (please directly contact staff to confirm your attendance by sending email to [email protected]
2. Non Member who wish to be GREAT member. How to be member click here.

How to Join (for non member)

1. Fill the MEMBERSHIP application form online here
2. For those who wish to complete membership on the spot, can also book BT seats earlier through What’s App by contacting the following Contact Persons of each city training:

Pekalongan: Mr. Ogieg (+6281578794443)
Semarang: Ms. Nuzha (+ 6283863111104)
Salatiga: Ms. Aufi (+6285740643293)
Yogyakarta: Mr. Fahmi (+6289675229761)
Kediri Raya: Ms. Wilujeng (+6282230805803)
Bandung: Ms. Lusia (+6282299040230)

Deadline of application: 1 week BEFORE the TRAINING DAY! OR as soon as the maximum number is reached. 

Terms & Conditions

• Training is FREE of charge. We only cover snack and stationary needed during and for the training.
• Participants will bear their own transport to and from the training venue.
• Seats are limited, application for Basic Training will be closed as soon as the maximum number is reached.

GREAT Progam Manager
Email: [email protected]


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