[CLOSED] Call for 8 Youth Participants for Training for Trainer: The Growing Green Project – Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Application Deadline: 18th November 2017
Training for Trainer Duration: 24th26thNovember 2017
Training for Trainer Location: Lembang, Bandung Barat, Indonesia

Background of Growing Green Project –  Sustainable Entrepreneurship

A report of International Labour Organisation finds that 74 million young people were unemployed in 2015. In fact, entrepreneurial education is highly promoted as a prerequisite to fight unemployed in general, and among the youths, in particular. Moreover, in the same time, a UN report identifies that temperatures in 2015 have been about 1°C above the pre-industrial era. It is an effect caused by human-induced global warming. Hence, a responsible approach to entrepreneurship is essential. Inevitably, every choice an entrepreneur makes has an impact on the surrounding social and natural environment. Therefore, it is essential that this generation of young entrepreneurs are not only educated in creating financially successful enterprises. Also, to know about sustainable enterprises that utilize the worlds natural and human resources responsibly.

About Growing Green Project –  Sustainable Entrepreneurship

This project addresses headlines of Europe 2020 strategy for smart and sustainable growth. Also, to inspire youth to find sustainable and innovative ideas for self-employment. Hopefully, with a reflection upon how their activity impacts the world around them. Likewise, the project promotes a strategic partnership between youth organizations and social enterprises in Programme and Partner Countries as to develop, test and launch new tools that enhance the professional development of youth workers and, ultimately, strengthen the quality of non-formal education. Additionally, all involved partners have been part of the process and are all committed to the same goal, that is to capacitate youth workers in sustainable entrepreneurship education, in order to youth can carve a better future and improve their surrounding social and natural environment.


The project is addressing the need of revitalizing non formal education, also mainstreaming sustainable Entrepreneurship Education as a new core element.

  • On August 2017, to develop an innovative guide for youth workers on Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education that incorporates a set of at least 10 non-formal methods. Also, fact sheets on the local and global implications of unsustainable entrepreneurship, examples of sustainable entrepreneurship and a further reading list.
  • By March 2018, to form a number of 60 trainers in Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education in Denmark, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam.
  • Also, by March  2018,  to  engage  at  least  275  young  people  in  activities  that  promote  sustainable entrepreneurship in Denmark, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam.
  • To reach, through a dissemination strategy, at least other 2000 stakeholders (youth organization, trainers, peer to peer educators, decision makers, media) in Europe, Southeast Asia and beyond.
What Will You Get From This Training

1. Develop your capacity at global and individual level.
2. Have a better understanding about the concept of sustainable entrepreneurship for successful business development.
3. Explore new business concepts to develop the environment, social and economic impact.
4. Improve your English skill.
5. Extend your social entrepreneurship network.


Venue : Lembang, Bandung Barat, Indonesia (training venue to be confirm)
Time   : 24th  – 26thNovember 2017


1. Indonesian nationality, GREAT members are preferable.
2. Age: 18+.
3. Interested in: entrepreneurship, non formal education for youth, and intercultural exchange.
4. Preferable: experienced in volunteering or activists of GO Cities.
5. Preferable: Business Administration/Entrepreneurship Background.
6. Fluent in spoken and written English is preferable.
7. Committed to disseminate the knowledge of Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Bandung GO Cities.
8. Domicile in Bandung is preferable.

What Training of Trainer Program covers

1. Meals and accommodation are provided during the training.
2. Project materials

What Training of Trainer Program does not cover

1. Transport during the program.
2. And other personal expenses.

How to Apply

1. Firstly, download application form here
2. Secondly, fill the application form
3. Thirdly, send the form by email to Ms. Lina Apriyani : [email protected]
send a CC to Ms. Galuh Sutopo : [email protected] and Mr. Maulidzam: [email protected].
With subject format TFTBandung_Participant_GrowingGreen2017_your full name
Example : TFTBandung_Participant_GrowingGreen2017_Lina Apriyani
3. Deadline application : Saturday, 18thNovember 2017, at 06.00PM Western Indonesian Time.

GREAT will only contact shortlisted candidates for further interview by email enclosed with the schedule for interview.

The training is supported by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union and FORA Denmark.

Contact Person
Ms. Lina (as GREAT Coordinator of TfT The Growing Green Project) at
[email protected] for further information.


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